ACS-Hach Programs

Over $2.5 million in scholarships and grants are awarded to 200+ high school chemistry teachers annually.

The ACS-Hach Programs provide financial support to future and current high school chemistry teachers throughout the United States. From completing teaching credentials to obtaining support for classroom resources, chemistry teachers can count on ACS-Hach Programs to help them advance chemistry education for their students.

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For Future High School Chemistry Teachers


ACS-Hach Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Scholarship

Awarded to recent graduates and graduate students with limited work experience and an interest in becoming secondary chemistry teachers. Applications are now be accepted through May 1, 2023.


ACS-Hach Second Career Teacher Scholarship

Provides financial support for chemistry professionals to obtain a masters degree in education or teacher certification in chemistry.  Applications are now be accepted through May 1, 2023.


ACS-Hach Land Grant Undergraduate Scholarship

Provides financial support to obtain a chemistry undergraduate degree and chemistry teaching credentials at one of our 72 partner institutions.


For Current High School Chemistry Teachers


ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant

Funds resources, activities, and laboratory equipment for the high school chemistry classroom. Applications are now be accepted through June 1, 2023.


ACS-Hach Professional Development Grant

Funds professional development experiences for secondary chemistry teachers.  

Photograph of Clifford and Kitty Hach

About the Hach Scientific Foundation Endowment

The late Clifford and Kitty Hach founded the Hach Company in 1947. Clifford established the Hach Scientific Foundation in 1982 to encourage students to pursue chemistry at the undergraduate level. An analytical chemist, he lived his life for chemistry. It was his hobby and his business, and he couldn’t wait to get to work every Monday, according to his family. At the same time, Clifford was committed to supporting future generations of chemists who would share his passion for the field.  

Clifford and Kitty’s grandson, Bryce, joined the Hach Scientific Foundation in 2004. After meeting with many student recipients, he realized that almost all of them chose their chemistry major because of an influential high school chemistry teacher.  In 2007, Bryce refined the mission of the foundation around high school chemistry education, nationalized its scope, and created its signature initiatives: the Land Grant Scholarship Program, the Second Career Teacher Scholarship Program, and the High School Chemistry Grant Program. 

In January 2009, at the recommendation of Bryce Hach the Foundation transferred its assets to ACS, which now administers the scholarship and grant programs in a way that honors the Hach family’s spirit and legacy.  To this day, Bryce Hach engages with ACS on the ACS-Hach Programs. 

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