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The ChemClub program supports high school chemistry teachers and middle school science teachers who sponsor extracurricular chemistry clubs in their schools. This program provides these clubs with a unique opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom.

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ChemClub is now on AACT!

To further serve teachers exceptionally, ChemClub transitioned management to AACT in 2020. Teachers interested in participating in the ChemClub program are required to be members of AACT.

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As a teacher

Teachers can start a ChemClub in their school by following the following program requirements:

  • All clubs must register/re-register each year in order to participate. Registration is open annually from May 1 - November 1.
  • All ChemClub teacher advisors should be current middle school science teachers or high school chemistry teachers.
  • Teacher advisors must have current AACT membership to participate in the ChemClub.

As a student

Current middle school or high school students interested in starting a ChemClub in their school should:

  • Secure a teacher advise willing to lead the club. The advisor must be a current middle school science teacher or high school chemistry teacher at the student's school.
  • Ensure the teacher is an AACT member. Or, ask the teacher to sign up for AACT membership.
  • Request the teacher advisor complete the ChemClub registration form by November 1 of the current school year to participate.
  • Note: The point of contact for all club communication will be the teacher advisor.

Benefits of the ChemClub Program

Access Exclusive Content and Opportunities

Clubs that meet the program requirements and successfully register to participate in the program will receive:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Quarterly, digital, themed resource packets (includes activities, labs, demos, and more)
  • Access to grant opportunities
  • Scholarship opportunity for graduating seniors
  • Discussion forum access

And much more!

Participate in Educational Events and Activities

ChemClubs allow students to:

  • Participate in after-school activities
  • Get involved in community building
  • Learn about chemistry careers
  • Enjoy social events
  • Better understand how chemistry plays a role in our everyday lives

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