Science Outreach

Promote chemistry in your community! ACS provides all the resources you need. Volunteer on your own or with your ACS Community.

Resources for Volunteers

Celebrating Chemistry

Engage children in chemistry with these puzzles, articles and activities aligned with NCW and CCEW themes. Grades 4–6 (ages 9–12).

Hands-On Activities

Find activities for young scientists and their supervising adults to do with easy-to-find materials.

Outreach Training Program

Passionate about science outreach? OTP helps you get involved with in-person workshops and live online or on-demand courses.

Kids & Chemistry

Activity guides, lessons and advice for volunteers leading chemistry lessons in elementary and middle schools.

Safety in Outreach Settings

Learn how to minimize risks when engaging the public with chemistry with this practical guide.

Salutes to Excellence

Salutes to Excellence

Recognize outstanding accomplishments or achievements of service by your external partners.

2022 ACS Global Outreach Volunteer of the Year

Headshot of Kim Morehouse
Dr. Kim Morehouse, Chemical Society of Washington

The joy you see on kids’ faces, and the enthusiasm that comes out of them when they’re doing these outreach activities—it’s just so much fun for me, as well as them.

More Ways to Get Involved

ACS Volunteer Portal

Explore additional volunteer and outreach opportunities.

Chemistry Olympiad

Become a local coordinator for this multi-tiered chemistry competition.

Science Cafés

Host a relaxed, open venue for nonscientists and scientists to discuss current science topics.

Science Coaches

Share your knowledge and experience with an elementary, middle or high school teacher over the course of a school year.

Stay Informed

Keep up to date with ACS Outreach announcements.

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