Student Programs & Resources

Elementary/Middle School

Adventures in Chemistry

Explore Experiments, the Secret Science of Stuff, Games, and learn your Science ABCs.

Middle School Chemistry

More content with more fun and learning! The new Middle School Chemistry website is here!

ACS ChemClub

A fun, authentic, hands-on opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom.

Chemistry Olympiad

A competition that tests the knowledge and skills of the most talented chemistry students in the world.

ChemMatters Magazine

This award-winning magazine demystifies chemistry with exciting articles, games, and puzzles.

Project SEED

A summer research program for economically disadvantaged junior and senior high school students.

inChemistry Magazine

The ACS student member magazine.

Student Chapters and International Student Chapters

The ACS clubs for undergraduate students in the U.S. and abroad.

Internships, Research, Summer Jobs

Get real-world experience through internships and summer research programs

Student Programming at an ACS Meeting

Hone your communication skills and network with professionals at ACS meetings.

College Planning

Learn what it takes to earn a degree in chemistry.

Careers & the Chemical Sciences

What can you do with a chemistry degree? Explore over 40 fields and learn what chemists do on the job in different roles.

Graduate & Postdoctoral Chemist Magazine

Find career advice, wellness, career paths, fellowships, and general topics related to grad student and postdoc life.

Graduate Student Organizations

ACS-GSOs are for graduate students who are interested in networking, outreach, career preparation, and professional development on their campus and within a connected, ACS community.

Grants & Fellowships

Find research and postdoctoral fellowships, travel awards, leadership awards, and more.

Career Planning

Learn about career workshops, academic careers, networking and interviewing.