8 Instagram Worthy Penang Art Mural + Clan Jetties

Visiting Penang Island in Malaysia. If it is not about the food, cultural activities and old colonial heritage, then it will be about the array of street art murals located in Georgetown UNESCO Historic site.

As there are so many murals visiting and finding them can be daunting hence we present to you the top 8 Instagram worthy mural.

1. kids on Bicycle @ Armenian Street

Children on a Bicycle by Ernest Zacharevic

Probably the most famous mural in Penang, Georgetown. The painting is based on a real event when Tan Yi and Tan Kern took Ernest Zacharevic’s bicycle out for a ride. The mural artist captured the moment and later on painted this world-famous mural.

DIRECTION   <— Click here for google map

The mural is located in Armenian Street (Lebuh Armenian) on the junction with Beach Street (Lebuh Pantai)

2. Boy on a bike @ Ah Quee Street

Boy on bike by Ernest Zacharevic

Georgetown Penang street art became an international phenomenon when the Penang Council decided to hire a Lithuanian graffiti artist Ernest Zacharevic. It was his artwork that caught the eye of the world

DIRECTION <— Click here for Google map

3. Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur @ Ah Quee Street

Little boy with Pet Dinosaur by Ernest Zacharevic

This is located just next to Boy on a Bike Mural in Ah Quee Street.

4. Only You Can Stop Pollution @ Ah Quee Street

Only You Can Stop Pollution @ Ah Quee Street

This mural also located just beside Boy on a Bike mural.

5. Boy on a Chair @ Lebuh Cannon

Boy on a Chair by Ernest Zacharevic

This mural is also known as ‘Reaching Up’ or ‘Almost there’

LOCATION <—- Click here for Google map

6. Children on Swing @ Chulia Street

Children on Swing by Ernest Zacharevic

This Mural is also known as ‘Brother and Sister on a Swing’

LOCATION <—- Click here for Google map

7. Basketball Game @ Chulia Street

Basketball Game by Lous Gan

LOCATION <— Click here for Google map

8. Children in a boat @ Chew Jetty

Photography by TIMEOUT

The last mural to reccomend is located at one of the famous Clan Jetties, Chew.

After all the hard work exploring murals and if your last stop is Clan Jetties take a break at their Instagram worthy jetty and enjoy the sea breeze.

After exploring all the popular murals you should be able to witness the golden hours which falls between 6 pm – 7 pm. The soft golden lighting will give you your Instagram worthy photos that amazed all your followers.


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