6 beautiful landscapes in the world that you must visit

Earth is a beautiful planet. It is full of some mesmerizing and breath-taking natural sights. Landscapes are the best gift of nature to our planet. Let’s find the 6 beautiful landscapes in the world that you must.

1: Dettifoss, Iceland:

Dettifoss is popular as the biggest waterfall in North-east Iceland. In the whole of Europe, it is the most powerful landscape with rocky surroundings, within the stark and covered in green trees.  The best time to visit this place is from June to September. Do not make the mistake to go there from January to April. The roads are blocked in that time due to snow. 

2: Scottish Highlands, Scotland:

This place is an inspiring and exquisite area of ancient landscapes with a rich history. The Scottish highlands are influenced by the majestic nature, magnificent history and geography. The highest point of that region is Ben Nevis (Mountain peak). This is the highest peak of UK. The best time to visit this place is in autumn. The weather gets incredibly beautiful with rain.

3: Elephant Island, Antarctica:

It is an ice covered island with mountains and at the coast of Antarctica. At this island, 28 victims of ship wreck took refuges in 1916. After the discovery of this place, it was admired by many tourist for its sceneric beauty. The best time to visit this landscape is summer from late October to march. In that region, you get the chance to witness live polar bears, icebergs and spotting whales.

4: Grand Canyon, USA:

This is one of the natural wonders of the world. The grand canyon grabs a depth of almost one mile. Cutting the way in the form of layers, forming the iconic horse shoe shape landscape. The most  narrow part of this region is 54 meters and widests one is 28 kilometers. The best time to visit the area is March-May and September-November. Here you can enjoy grand canyon sunsets, roll the dice in LA and the attractions of San Diego.

5: Machu Picchu, Peru:

It is also called ‘the lost city of INCAS’. This is the most popular icon of Inca world. It is located on the top of Urubamba Valley at Peru. It is 80 km distance to the north-west of Cuzco where Umbrella River flows. The best time to visit this place is not any specific. You may visit any time of the year. But keep in mind, the rain in that area is unpredictable. The peak season in July to August and you should expect a large tourist crowd at that time. 

6: Peyto Lake, Canada:

It Is a glacier-fed lake that most narrow at the Canadian Rockies. In summers, the ice melts from the rocks and flow in the form of lakes and the suspended particles give turquoise and bright colours to the water. It is a breathtaking view. The best time to visit this place is from June till September when the snow melted into mater. Enjoy the mountain heights, the resort of Whistler, and soak yourself in nature.


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