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This show will randomize your expectation (Robot restaraunt)

Japan, a land of rising sun and the people are known for their politeness. Under all those, hides creativity that rarely seen elsewhere. If you think anime is the animated shows of the east and weird anime is the odd child, let me present this musical show to you, if I can even use “musical” to describe this show.

Entering the performance hall, you will be greeted with colourful corridor.

In the middle of Shinjuku, one of the busiest districts in Tokyo, a mysterious and yet colourful restaurant lies underneath the ground. This is the “Robot Restaurant”, a themed restaurant/bar for patrons to enjoy a one and a half hour show while enjoying food and drinks. We entered this restaurant after purchasing our tickets online, sitting among many other tourists, awaiting our show to start.

Audiences awaiting for the show to begin.
Modern J-rock played with traditional Japanese Taiko, not something you would see every day.
You can get really close to the performers and the decorated vehicle.

If you are expecting a typical opening like any other musical, which we did, you will be met with the most energetic but odd opening. Musician dressed in bright colours, playing music on seems like a Japanese Taiko in unison, but the music that was made also seemed to be a modern Japanese Rock (J-Rock). The musicians are all on top of a slow-moving platform, decorated with samurai armours, Taiko is bright and reflective, making the platform oddly attractive.

Dancers performing captivating dance segment, modern and traditional at the same time.

Robotic overlord fighting to claim the land of earth
Now a magical girl fighting on top of a dragon!?

After the highly animated opening, here comes the sci-fi theatre play about magical creatures fighting against robots, as the last line of defence for mankind. You will see snake, beetles and even dragon animatronics fighting against robotic enemies that jump out of a power ranger TV show. Good thing is that all the performance is in English, so you won’t have any trouble to understand the story if there is one to begin with. Despite the simplistic story.

The finale has started with a huge effigy scrolling around.
All the singing and dancing made every single audience hyped up, cheering together.
Everything ended with a huge bang, and it is shiny.

At the end of the second act, audiences are given an intermission break. This allows the audiences to purchase the restaurant specially designed drinks and food, while the performers prepare for the final act. Once the break is done, audiences are being guided back to enjoy the cyberpunk-themed dance segment and finally end the entire theatre show with a festival inspired sing and dance segment. All the audiences were hyped up to the max, everyone was swinging their hands and cheered along with the performers, some even sang along. 

All sorts of food and souvenirs can be bought on the push cart.

Once the show ended, everyone will be able to purchase some of their souvenirs, bringing the memory of weirdness back home. This is one visit that you must go, it is all sorts of sensory overload and weirdness to enjoy, something that you will not be able to enjoy anywhere else.

You can visit this restaurant at the address below, but if you want to enjoy the show, you have to purchase tickets online through their website or you can also buy it through

Click on the link below to book it now.

[Klook Exclusive] Robot Restaurant Show with Souvenirs & Priority Lane

Address: Japan, 〒160-0021 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Kabukicho, 1 Chome−7−7 


How to get there:

  • Take JR Yamanote line to Shinjuku station
  • Take the east exit and continue to walk toward Kabukicho for roughly 600 meter.


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