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Singapore 4th Telecom offers FREE unlimited mobile data for 12 months!

Have you encountered any of the issues below?

  • While you are watching your favourite show on your phone, realize that you are not using Wi-Fi?
  • Playing your online game on your mobile, but got reminded that your data is running out?
  • Public Wi-Fi network too slow to watch your favourite drama through streaming services?

Fear not. We found out a new telco that will solve all of your above-mentioned problems into a problem of the past. Let us introduce you to our Singapore 4th telecom, TPG.

TPG offers all new TPG mobile numbers 2 GB of 4G speed per day, which will then capped at 1Mbps after exceeding the 2 GB. TPG also offers 20 minutes call time to your local fixed line and 20 SMS-es to local mobiles. If you think that is the end of it, brace for impact. TPG also offers you to pay $0 per month your first 12 months upon signing up for their new mobile number, so you will get to try their services at no costs.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for your new mobile sim card at the official website.

TPG official website:

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