Making the right choice for PXM in a changing market

December 12, 2023
Product Experience Management

Is it time to reconsider?

In the world of business solutions, there are always many options. As a result, oftentimes, once you find a supplier that can deliver the basics, you may not be interested in looking at other options. Decision fatigue is real and understandable:

However, perhaps it is time to consider that there have been recent industry changes in the product data management space that may be cause for some concern. We have seen a trend in brands and retailers coming to Syndigo as they re-evaluate their provider options for content syndication, Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions, and even end-to-end PIM capabilities.

One of the big reasons for this migration is the changes impacting the industry — several reputable service providers in this space have gone through multiple rounds of downsizing and that could make customers feel uncertain about the providers’ commitment to their long-term strategy.

These changes are impacting service levels too. Syndigo has recently onboarded several new clients who highlighted the long wait times and lack of responsiveness of other PXM providers as their reason for switching to Syndigo. Online employee review sites echo these service-level concerns as well.

So, whether it is because you are seeing it directly in your service levels or are concerned about the uncertainty of the market, maybe it’s time to (re)consider your provider.

Syndigo is your go-to for PXM

Maybe you’re in the market for a solution to your product information needs. Maybe you’re looking for a solution to manage your product information to provide a golden record of information. Or maybe you’re looking to syndicate your product information to your commercial channels – anything from a handful to hundreds of outlets. Or maybe you’re looking for more insights into how your products are performing in the digital marketplace but have no idea how to achieve that. Or maybe you’re just looking.

Have you checked out Syndigo lately?

Syndigo’s vision is based on the knowledge that your needs, and the needs of each of our customers, fall at the intersection of these solutions. Syndigo’s portfolio of solutions is anchored by MDM, PIM, Syndication, Enhanced Content, and Analytics. Each product is highly competitive in the market and recognized by analysts as required to compete or best of breed. We offer dozens of integrations with enterprise systems and maintain the largest integrated distribution network for product content. Best of all, our solutions are composable in that you can build the solution that you want instead of paying for everything that you might not use. And even better, because we’re natively integrated across products you are avoiding paying the “integration tax” that you would otherwise be subject to.

Product Experience Management

We recognize that you need a place to create your source of truth, enrich it, curate it for channel partners, reliably distribute it, and gather insights for optimization. Unlike our competitors who started at the crossroads and are struggling to expand in multiple directions simultaneously, we have and continue to refine purpose-built user experiences to support the various personas and use cases for creating, governing, enriching, syndicating, and optimizing data.

Why Syndigo is different from the competition

For over five decades, Syndigo has focused on empowering our clients to deliver outstanding commercial results. By providing unparalleled value and an unmatched vision of excellence, we have built a network of more than 50,000 global users across more than 12,000 global brands and manufacturers, connecting with more than 1,750 global recipient connections.

It all starts with an unmatched focus on R&D. Our product and technology organization is substantial, featuring over 350 software developers with an annual R&D budget that exceeds 20% of revenues – well above industry averages. So, where others are downsizing, Syndigo is investing- in technology, in talent, and in training.

A wise person once said, “Predictions are hard, especially about the future.” At Syndigo, our product vision is centered around the idea that our customers operate in an extremely competitive environment that requires them to be able to make quick changes or big changes or even big changes quickly!

Because you don’t know the future, you can’t be tied to a solution that is inflexible. So, we’ve incorporated an application and software development kit (SDK) strategy that lets our customers be free to pursue the best course of action in managing their data. In conjunction with our cloud-native platform, there are no limits to how quickly you can adapt to your changing needs.

But it’s not just the product – it’s also our commercial and services organizations. In the last 12 months, we’ve enabled over 165 new recipients, built up a network of over 70+ partners, and feature over 400 customer-facing professionals. So, when you call for support, you’re not shouting into a vacuum, you’re talking to a dedicated professional who is eager to help fix your problems.

In a market where we have seen competitors cut headcount by as much as 32% in the last 12 months, we have increased our headcount by 47% since 2021. Rest assured that we will continue that growth and investment in our product, our teams, and our services into the future.

The result is the best solution in the marketplace for your needs, today. Whether you want a simple way to manage and send your product information to one online platform, or if you need to manage thousands of SKUs across many retailing partners, Syndigo has the expertise, the tools, and the team to get it done for you.

A transition so seamless you may not even notice it

We get it: Change is hard, and changing from one supplier to another is a decision process no one wants to go through. That’s why, based on the feedback and suggestions from industry leaders, Syndigo has put together our Safety program. At the heart of the Safety program is a desire to help ease the transition from one supplier to another. The typical fears of switching, like long transition times, or re-starting from “square one”, or expenses related to moving again—are all eliminated with the Syndigo Safety Series.

  • Are you worried about your existing contracts? Syndigo is so confident that you’ll be much happier with us, that we’re willing to match your current price and buy out your contract in exchange for a 3-year term with us.
  • Is it business continuity you’re concerned about? Our customers that we have signed from our competitors will tell you that the transition to Syndigo is seamless and that you will not have any interruptions in your productivity.
  • Are you worried if Syndigo is indeed a better Marketing PIM for your needs? Read what a customer who switched over to us has to say. Patrick Larson, Digital Retail Content Specialist at NOW Foods said, “The biggest thing we saw when looking at Syndigo versus our previous provider was we an increase in efficiency through both Core Content and the Analytical Suite offerings on the content side. We saw the potential to save not five hours, not 10 hours, but actually hundreds of hours over the course of a year.”

Read more about how a recent convert from Salsify to Syndigo found value with our solution.

And even though you may not notice the transition, you will definitely notice the difference in results, because your gains in efficiency and productivity will be easy to see.


Give us an opportunity to talk to you, and we guarantee you will be smiling by the end of the call. Make the right choice and join the hundreds of other customers who have made the switch from Salsify and are now part of the thousands of other happy customers.